FCPC Register 100% Network Engineer

FCPC Register 100% Network Engineer


A total of 34 Information Technology Graduates of this college who took the CISCO Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Examination registered 100% passing rate and earned the title network engineers.

This is the second year that First City IT Graduates made an enviable record of excellence in CISCO-CCNA exam. Five of the 34 takers made a perfect score of 100% while 26 got scores of 90% above, and only three made scores above 80%.

Perfect scores are; Evangelista, Francis James Y; Aguilar, Joy Mariz N; Ramos, Redie H; Cainoy, Connie Y, and Soringa Ross Tom R.

The other takers whose scores were above 90% are: Abenoja, Mac Cylde F; Canlapan, Renzie G; Paramio, Ernest John H; Delfino, Marvin R; Brodith, Morris Daniel; Deveras, Edizel D.

Caspe, Reinhart Christian; Montero, Jerome O; Ong, Christopher R; Rivera, Marc Jay A; Moreno, Louise Jean U; Bondoc, Erika E.

Tadeo, Elalyn B; Mata, Romel R; Del Valle, Patricia Claire B; Bascug, Gilbert B; Algaba, Venus R; Caberto, Renz Marion D; Francisco, Rendel G; Batoc, Madel C; Aguasin, Romulo T; Cruz, Jean Michaela B; Bagtas, Gemerson C; Bisco, Salvacion P; Sarmiento, Ian John M; Belisario, Ma.Fatima M. The other CISCO-CCNA passers are; Caslib, Ryan Francisco; Bejerano, Annabelle B., and Amoroso, Jayson C.

FCPC’s track record of excellence in international examinations is attributed mainly to intensive training; estate of the art facilities, and equipment, plus discipline.